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Sial Ceramica

Sial Ceramica

Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 48 - Torrita di Siena
Tel: 0577 684035

Sial Ceramica was born in 1997 from an idea of ​​Loretta, who managed to transform her desire for entrepreneurship into reality. The techniques used to decorate the ceramic in relief proved to be right from the start and, then as now, our products had great success that brought our pieces to dozens of shops around the world.

Sial has now become the expression of a Tuscan art where uniqueness and beauty, and simplicity above all, distinguish the piece and guarantee its quality.

The relief ceramic technique, thanks also to Loretta's decades of experience, highlights the recurring features of this type of design.

Small houses with red roofs, perched in dreamy Tuscan landscapes, where nature is luxuriant with its cypresses and fruit trees full of succulent red fruits.

The goal of Sial Ceramica is to satisfy as many customers as possible, without ever making use of new technologies or production systems that do not reflect the ancient tradition.

We try with our products to convey indescribable sensations that can only be experienced by observing the landscapes of Tuscany.

In decorating ceramics, many times, come to mind memories of a childhood spent in the hills of this wonderful land, which is capable of transmitting indescribable sensations.

Our "Bottega" has always maintained the simplicity of small businesses with the ambition of large companies and produces every single piece by hand, combining an original technique with a passion for work, producing only "unique" pieces.

Our products are all suitable for home, they are produced with non-toxic, non-harmful or dangerous substances. We only use lead-free enamels and can be used in microwave or dishwasher, they have received MOCA certification to be used in contact with food products. You can trust Sial Ceramica!


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