Tuscany brings with it a historical, artistic and cultural heritage famous all over the world: it is the birthplace of the Supreme Poet Dante, the cradle of the Renaissance and the homeland of the ancient Etruscans, who modeled the hills like clay in their hands. This region offers unique landscapes, breathtaking views, lands skillfully adapted to gentle and delicate shapes between sinuous hills and lush nature. The beauty of Tuscany is best expressed in the Valdichiana Senese, where you can savor the true essence and traditions of the region. The municipality of Torrita di Siena stands in the center of the Valdichiana Senese, it is a hamlet with medieval flavor inside of which is located Montefollonico hamlet, a jewel village with the orange flag of tourism, located on the hills on the border between Val d’Orcia and Valdichiana, separated by very few km from Pienza, a UNESCO heritage city built according to the dictates of the “ideal city” of the Renaissance, and Montepulciano, a splendid village considered “Pearl of the sixteenth century” for its artistic beauties.

In this region, Torrita di Siena’s offer will allow you to savor the Tuscan authenticity and the beauty of its lands: you will travel between medieval villages and you will be immersed in nature among farmhouses in full Tuscan style, you will be able to experience art in a thousand comforts and in complete relaxation, or devote yourself to recreational activities and walks among the hills.


The La Paolina farm and its Tuscan style

The renovations carried out at La Paolina farm have brought back the old style of the classic Tuscan farm immersed in the countryside, while also respecting the style of the territory and its history. The farm experiences the seasons with an ever-changing color, proof of the authenticity of the structure and its complete fusion with the surrounding nature. La Paolina also shows it’s beauty in the crops of wheat, barley, sunflower and corn, typical of the surrounding lands, and in the pastures of animals that exploit the wooded land of the property. Inside the property there are three cozy independent accommodations for a total of 4 double / double bedrooms for a fantastic half board treatment. La Paolina rooted in the territory in the sixteenth century and for over four hundred years it was a farm with more than 10 hectares of cultivation. Staying here means understanding traditional Tuscany. To find out even more about the offers and beauties of La Paolina, you can visit the company’s website www.lapaolina.eu, or contact the hotel directly at info@lapaolina.it or at +39 0577 669513





Casalbosco takes you into the green, between plants and animal parks

The vivid nature reigns supreme in this portion of Tuscan land, owned by the Casalbosco farmhouse. The fields of olive trees give visitors peace and relaxation, the property offers ideal natural trails in the woods perfect for those who love walks in the countryside or simply want to enjoy the clean air that only a land far from the monotony of the city can give. Among the olive groves of the structure you can have your olive tree cultivated, following it in the phases of pruning, plant growth and olive harvesting. The Casalbosco farmhouse also offers the opportunity to closely observe pastures of fallow deer, mouflons, peacocks and alpacas, so you can free your mind and regenerate body and spirit immersed in the Tuscan countryside, surrounded by unspoiled nature and ponds with ducks and swans. It is a place designed for families looking for a close contact with the animal world in total safety. The structure has seven apartments that will satisfy all your needs. For more information on Casalbosco you can visit the website www.casalbosco.it, or contact the farm directly by email at agriturismo@casalbosco.it or at +39 0577 631118





 Belagaggio, enchanting farmhouse between nature and spa

An eighteenth-century farmhouse expertly restored respecting the architectural and environmental canons of Tuscany, attention to the smallest details and a continuous search for balance between tradition and modern comfort: all this is the Belagaggio farmhouse. The property is surrounded by large green areas and well-kept gardens, including a heated swimming pool and two natural pools, also with hot water, hydromassage and chromotherapy. An organic vegetable garden supplies the food to the farmhouse restaurant, in full respect of Tuscan traditions. There is also a function room for hosting exclusive events and weddings. In the structure there are two apartments and four rooms, it is also possible to request rooms for a romantic getaway or suites for the pursuit of wellness and comfort. Continue your research directly on the farm site www.belagaggio.it, or get info by email info@belagaggio.it or by phone at +39 0577 669733




The farmhouses of Capanne di Sopra on Montefollonico

The history of Tuscany is told by the structures in the complex of the Capanne di Sopra farmhouse, thanks to the two farmhouses that have been restored and refurbished in order to provide guests with structures in full Tuscan style. The first farmhouse, adapted from a 17th century turret, extends over two levels and offers an excellent glimpse of Montepulciano, the “pearl of the sixteenth century”. The second farmhouse, built at the beginning of the twentieth century, renews the Tuscan tradition thanks to its furnishings and the interiors of the structure. The two structures both have three double bedrooms inside, with kitchen, various bathrooms and additional rooms. Nature is the chief in charge of all the surrounding area and gives the guests of the structures that typical and unforgettable Tuscan atmosphere. You can find out more about the farmhouses on the website www.capannedisopra.it or by contacting the structure directly at capanne@capannedisopra.it or at +39 335 370995



The untouched countryside in “Colle di Mezzo”

Sitting in the park of the Colle di Mezzo farmhouse you can perfectly hear the sounds of nature, the chirping of birds, the gentle silence that only the Tuscan hills can communicate. Colle di Mezzo offers the life experience of old Tuscan peasants who lived immersed in unspoiled nature, in ancient farmhouses and residences. A swimming pool in the farmhouse allows you to observe the surrounding countryside just as if you were immersed in it, admiring the wheat fields, vineyards and olive groves. In order to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, it is possible to participate in excursions and activities of fishing, trekking or even cycling. In the structure there are five one-room apartments and three two-room apartments. For more information on Colle di Mezzo, you can visit the website www.colledimezzo.com, contact the farm directly at info@colledimezzo.com or call +39 393 8812370



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