The Gran Fondo New York stops again in Torrita di Siena in 2021

Gran Fondo New York (GFNY) is the world’s largest cycling marathon brand that organizes races all over the world. The Italian stage, as in 2019, will be in Torrita di Siena and Montepulciano also in 2021, between the beauty of the Valdichiana Senese and its iconic Tuscan landscapes. This year the added value of the race will be the period: autumn. Due to covid-19 restrictions, the GFNY has moved the spring appointment to autumn which is the best season for those who love cycling. In this time of the year, nature offers magnificent spectacles of nature, the woods are tinged with orange, yellow and red, admiring them on a bike is a privileged opportunity.


The 2021 route includes the departure from Torrita di Siena, where participants will collect the race pack (Saturday 16 October) at the elegant garden of Villa Rocchi, just a few steps from the ancient medieval castle. That will be the opportunity to enjoy the cultural heritage that the village offers, with its churches and its eternal atmosphere, and to taste the local food and wine tradition. Registration for the race is still open, you can find all the information here on the official website of the Gran Fondo New York Italy.

Gran Fondo New York’s Path

It starts from Torrita! The departure of the GFNY Italia 2021 will be right from Torrita di Siena, at the foot of the historic center. From here unfold the over 100km of race, which will also reach Montefollonico (second stage); then it will wander through the fascinating Crete Senesi, Val d’Orcia and finally return to Valdichiana Senese to finish in Piazza Grande, in Montepulciano. Discover all the stages here:

Where to sleep

An international cycling race like the GFNY also offers the opportunity to discover a territory and all its beauties. Let’s start with the living room. There are many possibilities to stay in Torrita di Siena: here and in Montefollonico you will find a varied offer of hospitality, ranging from charming farmhouses that express contemporary hospitality to traditional farmhouses, historic houses, B&Bs and vivid hotels. To choose the accommodation that best suits your needs, you can go to the “Where to sleep” section where you can consult the accommodation facilities and get in touch with them or send a direct request to, which will satisfy everyone of you

And what about companions?

Staying in Torrita di Siena means having the beauties and excellences close to you. If you are part of the category “companions” instead of being a “participant”, we suggest some of the experiences you should not miss. Did you know that in Torrita there is a bas-relief in a lunette attributed to Donatello? Did you know that in Torrita there is a church that is similar to a small Sistine Chapel where colors capture the attention? So, just these information should be enough to intrigue you to take a walk in the village. For those who, on the other hand, acknowledge Tuscany as “good food”, then you just have to let yourself be seduced by the excellence of Torrita. A stop at the Belli butcher shop for a tasting of Tuscan cured meats or to take home delicious souvenir, or a visit with tasting at the Saragiolino Brewery where beer meets the territory as well as a completely “slow” philosophy. Then you cannot miss a visit to the jewel village of Montefollonico, an orange flag village, which overlooks the Valdichiana Senese and the Val d’Orcia. The more adventurous who prefer trekking instead of cycling can reach it by foot, along the Path of the Vin Santo which connects the two villages; it is also possible to reach it by car, along one of the most beautiful roads in the area. Once in Montefollonico, get lost in its maze of narrow streets, discovering sensational views and taking advantage of its churches. If you still have time left, it is absolutely worth going to the Parco il Tondo, a suggestive natural oasis a few steps away from the historic center. If you are looking for other opportunities, you just have to consult the “live and taste” section of Torrita di Siena Living.

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