A healthy walk in the name of wellness and beauty, the “6,000 steps with the heart” in Torrita di Siena. An initiative designed to get in shape with taste, with an ideal number of six thousand steps to feel healthy. Everyone can enjoy this route and see the beauties of this ancient medieval village!

An itinerary proposed to show the beauties of the historic center of Torrita di Siena and its landscapes

The path developed by Olio Cuore for the new edition of the Cuore Walking Day passes through the historic center of Torrita di Siena which, as the name suggests, was an important military outpost during the Middle Ages. Torrita di Siena still shows its history in the streets of the hamlet and fills the eyes of its visitors with beauty thanks to its ancient and gentle spirit, despite having been an imposing fortification during the years of clashes and wars in Valdichiana Senese. The monuments and historical works of Torrita di Siena are waiting for you visitors in search of wellness and beauty in a walk with a medieval and naturalistic taste!


The circular route touches the best attractions of the historic center and the surroundings of Torrita di Siena. It starts from the town center, Piazza Matteotti, which immediately brings an ancient atmosphere, with the typical Tuscan flavor. Here are some streets that evoke historical Torrita characters, such as Ghino di Tacco, a famous 13th century gentleman brigand who was mentioned by Boccaccio and even by Dante in his Divina Commedia. In this square there are the Town Hall, the ancient well and the Teatro degli Oscuri, which hosts important international competitions and events every year.

From here you go towards Via O. Maestri, where you can see the Church of Santa Croce with inside an altar dedicated to the Madonna of Loreto with works of exquisite quality. From here you continue to descend passing in front of the Collegiata dei S.S. Costanzo and Martino up to Porta Gavina, the oldest entrance to the village that today welcomes visitors and shows them the history of Torrita di Siena thanks to the surrounding medieval walls and the coats of arms depicted, which indicate the historical Tuscan dominions of these lands. We do not yet leave the walls of the ancient castle but proceed towards north to Porta a Pago, and from here proceed on Via Passeggio Garibaldi towards the ancient “wash houses” of the medieval village. This section of the route shows the Tuscan beauties of the village and the views of the place that overlook the Via Lauretana, an ancient road that connected Siena to Cortona in the direction of Loreto, in the Marche region, passing precisely here in Torrita di Siena.

Continuing from here and shortly after, you cross a road surrounded by olive trees that leads to the Church of the Madonna dell’Olivo, which inside depicts a fresco with a clear reference to the iconography of the Madonna of Loreto. In this place, probably, there were the first Torrita settlements. Proceed now until you reach the Church of the Madonna delle Nevi, after having crossed the olive groves with the walls of the village next to it. This church is an absolute jewel thanks to the fresco inside, often referred to as a small universal judgment.

After this stage we arrive at the “Gioco del Pallone” square, a very important place where the famous Palio dei Somari takes place, a key event of the Torrita community. After passing the square within the walls of the historic center through Porta a Sole, you walk through the characteristic alleys and streets of the hamlet and then reach the Church of Santa Flora and Lucilla, where a very precious marble bas-relief, the Lunette by Donatello, is exhibited. Immediately after, you return to Piazza Matteotti.

An itinerary dedicated to Tuscan beauty with history, art, culture and landscapes awaits you in Torrita di Siena, ready to welcome you!

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