Triano Church

Built in 1609 as carved on the inscription above the main door. It incorporates an older altarpiece with a copy of a fresco dating back to 1300 and attributed to a Master Painter from Orvieto, which depicts the Madonna and Child. Around the fresco is a copy of what remains of a painting representing the Trinity by Ventura Salimbeni, the original of which is in the side chapel of the Church of Saint Leonard within the village. The structure of the church is made with local stone and lime plastered bricks, with exposed brick cornices. The bell tower is rounded off with a brick dome with a cross on top. The track that passes in front of the church and continues along the wood leading down to the valley below was the main road that led up to Montefollonico from the direction of Montepulciano. More of this track can be seen outside the Gate of Follonica on the other side of the village. Parts of the track near the church are currently being excavated to uncover the old stones now hidden by soil and plants.

"HIC TRIADE SAI IC TA HIC MARIA AVEI EPAPE VITAOP ILLI HEC VOTA TIBI MVNEPA ET ILLA DBIT * AD MDCIX" Translation: Here o traveler venerate the Holy Trinity and Mary, those and she too will give you these gifts as a reward AD 1609
Copy of the fourteenth-century fresco of the ancient pre-existing tabernacle of the church on a travertine altar dating back to around 1600; the original is located in the Episcopal palace of Montepulciano, the presumed work of A. di Giovanni
Copy of the painting by Ventura Salimbeni representing the trinity dating back to around 1600; the original is located in the church of San Leonardo