Public Cistern

Located next to the Palace Pretorio of Montefollonico, the cistern collects rain water from the roofs of the buildings located nearby. It is about 13 metres deep and 4 metres wide, carved into the local rock. On the wellhead, made of white Carrara marble, three coats of arms are carved depicting respectively the coat of arms of Montefollonico, the coat of arms of the Coppoli and the coat of arms of La Fraternita, a charitable lay congregation of Montefollonico existing at the time. It was built by the Marquis Coppoli in the first half of the seventeenth century for the use of the people of Montefollonico.

Montefollonico coat of arms
Coat of arms of the Coppoli family
Coat of arms of La Fraternita, a lay congregation of charity of Montefollonico existing at the time of construction
Crank mechanism with a chain connected to buckets that filled up as they went up