Abbey of Saint Mary of Follonica

From the Moreschini Tower, looking towards the valley, some ruins can be seen. These are the remains of an Abbey dedicated to the Madonna dating originally from the year 1000 or earlier. The visible remains are those of the church of the abbey complex dating back to 1275, the year in which the Abbot Stephen oversaw a major renovation of the existing complex. The presence of probably Roman buildings in the vicinity is also evident from the discovery of the remains of marble columns and large reused travertine stones. The abbey was closed in 1700, as it was unsafe due to landslides. It was acquired by the Landucci family from the friars of San Martino and used as a stone quarry for the expansion of the Landucci farms in the area.

Consisting of a church with three naves from 1275. Initially it had a single nave with a diamond-tipped bell tower, cloister, chapter house, refectory, warehouses and monks' cells.