The Vin Santo trail

From Torrita to Montefollonico

According to documents, the route resumes the ancient medieval route that connected the two castles of Torrita and Montefollonico, the last bastions of the Republic of Siena against Montepulciano, an ally of Florence.

The route connects the Torrita di Siena camper area with the “Porta di Follonica” of Montefollonico. Along the path there are five areas equipped for parking with benches, a sign with the directions of the route and theme tables that tell the story of Torrita di Siena, of Montefollonico, of the Cistercian monastery of Santa Maria a Follonica (called Il Conventaccio), of the vicissitudes of Ghino di Tacco, the “Gentleman Brigand” born of a noble family from Torritese, narrated by Boccaccio in the Decameron and quoted by Dante in the Divine Comedy. Could not miss the tradition of Vinsanto, the product of excellence of the territory, a symbol of Tuscan hospitality and protagonist of the event “Lo gradireste un goccio di Vin Santo?” (Would you like a sip of Vin Santo?), held every year on December 8 in Montefollonico.

Length: 7 km
Difference in altitude: 242 m
Accessible on foot and by bike
Starting point: Torrita di Siena
Final arrival point: Montefollonico
Places to see: Torrita di Siena, Montefollonico, Monastery of Santa Maria “Conventaccio”