Il Tondo Natural Park

In Montefollonico

The natural park called “Il Tondo”, on the top of the hill of Montefollonico, is made of cypresses and holm oaks set out circularly. Here you can admire two species of orchids and observe the typical Tuscan fauna.
Marco Landucci, Sienese nobleman and owner of these lands in mid-nineteenth century,
 and his wife had to design it.

On a sunny day, you can see Val d’Orcia hills, Lake Trasimeno and Mount Amiata. 

The ideal location for a unique wedding in a suggestive garden.  

Council Hall

In Torrita di Siena

The Council Hall of Torrita di Siena hosts an exclusive gallery of the Torritese painter Carlo Parri. Here art and solemnity meet, or rather, marry each other.

Pretorio Palace

In Montefollonico

In the heart of Montefollonico, Pretorio Palace is one of the most important building of great value and jealously preserve. 

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18th century Oscuri Theatre

In Torrita di Siena

A closed lantern with the motto “Ab umbra lumen” is the project of the Oscuri Academy, created in Turrita in June 1763. In order to realize its educational program, in 1776 Oscuri Academy obtained a hall on the groundfloor of the Town Halland, here plaied at least one comedy per year.
Today the Theatre hosts the theater season of Torrita di Siena and is an important cultural center.