The Tondo Park and and its footpaths

The “Tondo” park is located on a beautiful hill just outside the village from where you can enjoy an incredible panoramic view. On clear days the view extends from Lake Trasimeno to the Val d’ Orcia dominated by Mount Amiata. At the centre of the “Tondo” is a small wood of mainly oak and cypress trees arranged in a circular shape with two round stone tables in the centre, ideal for resting and enjoying the tranquility and coolness it offers. The creation of the park was one of the initiatives promoted between 1820 and 1830 by the wife of Marco Landucci, a Sienese noble who had extensive properties in the surrounding area. The area has been more recently restored by the local administration. This has helped rediscover and revitalise a beautiful corner of Montefollonico. The park is full of oaks, ash trees, heather, brooms and junipers that are home to the typical Tuscan fauna: squirrels, roe deer, wild boars, badgers and birds of various species. Inside the park there are ancient paths (all well marked) that lead the visitor through an incredible natural habitat. The red path is 2.6 km in length and takes about 45 minutes to walk, the yellow path is 3.4 km long and takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes and the blue path is about 5 km in length for a walk of approximately 2 hours.