Moreschini Tower

One of the two towers that existed until the time of the wars between Siena and Florence to guard the Follonica Gate (Porta di Follonica). Today there is no trace of the second tower except for references in ancient manuscripts and in a map preserved in the National Library in Florence. The period of construction of the Moreschini Tower dates from the end of the 15th Century to the beginning of the 16th Century. It underwent important restorations and modifications in 1580 when it was acquired by the Moreschini family to use as a residence. It remained in the family until at least the early 18th Century. At the time of the restorations, the sole entrance to the tower from the village walls was eliminated and the various entrances to the four floors, existing today, were created. It is currently a private home.

Firing station for light artillery (culverins or falconets)
Coppi with the inscription "CARLO LOREZONI DAL MONTE FOLLONICA 1580" which is part of the roof of the tower