Torrita di Siena Living Responsible: The project for a more responsible Torrita di Siena

Torrita di Siena becomes the protagonist of a particularly significant project, which aims to design a tourism with a more ethical face. The municipal administration promotes Torrita di Siena Living Responsible with the aim of providing tourism operators, staff of accommodation facilities and travelers with information to reduce the environmental impact of their activities. The project starts from the premise that, in the fight against climate change, it is first of all necessary to make the individual responsible, whose behavior can contribute significantly to the protection of the environment and natural resources.

From the kitchen, to the swimming pool, from the laundry, to the spa, a series of suggestions are listed for all areas of the accommodation facility to reduce waste as much as possible. They range from the most obvious precautions (for example, avoiding heating and air conditioning if not really necessary) to more specific indications, which invite an intelligent design of the systems that feed swimming pools and spas, so as to be able to reuse the large quantities of water that these environments require.

The hope of the municipal administration is that this guide inspires operators to develop corporate environmental policies, to make Torrita di Siena an ethical and responsible tourism destination, which stands out for the attention paid to the protection of its natural beauty.

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