The Via Lauretana in Torrita


From Siena to Loreto passing through Torrita di Siena

The Via Lauretana follows the path of an Etruscan-Roman route that developed in medieval times exclusively for economic reasons, as this road made it possible to connect the Sienese territory with the Valdichiana and the Umbrian-Marche area. Later, it gradually became a pilgrimage route, connecting Siena, and therefore the Via Francigena, to Cortona, through the territories of Asciano, Rapolano Terme, Sinalunga, Montepulciano and obviously Torrita; then it continues in Umbria and finally reach the “Santa Casa” (Holy House) of Loreto, in Marche. Hence the name “Via Lauretana”.

Over the time merchants, pilgrims and artists have traveled through the Via Lauretana and has not been remembered in history as an infrastructure to connect territories, but as a cultural infrastructure that has favored the exchange of ideas and people, thanks also to the worship places that are thorough the entire route.

The Tuscan route is 108 km long and directly pass through the Municipality of Torrita di Siena.

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Length: 108 km Tuscan stretch. The stretch that affects Torrita is about 7 km.


Accessible on foot and by bike


Starting point: La Fratta

Final arrival point: Il Greppo


Places to see: Torrita di Siena, Church of Saints Flora and Lucilla, Church of Santa Croce, Collegiate Church of Saints Martino and Costanzo, Oratory of the Madonna delle Nevi