The jewel hamlet of Torrita di Siena
Torrita di Siena
The proud nature of an ancient fort and the surprising hospitality of a hamlet worthy to discover

TORRITA di siena

One story, a thousand stories

Two ancient castles, one single precious treasure chest of history and traditions. Come and discover the hamlets of Torrita and Montefollonico, just a few minutes away from Montepulciano and Pienza, in the heart of Valdichiana Senese – the Italian destination of well-being.

The ancient churches of Torrita and Montefollonico preserve true art masterpieces: the marble lunette ascribed to Donatello, the 15th century-paintings from Florence school and even a secret ‘Sistine Chapel’.

Direct contact with nature. Discover trails and paths in the Torrita di Siena hamlet.

The best experiences you can find in Torrita and the surrounding Valdichiana Senese, chosen for you.

The past and traditions of Torrita relive in its events, animating local cultural life and attracting visitors from all over the world.

From A to Z


All the news, main events and stories to live Torrita di Siena and Montefollonico throughout the seasons.

The Hamlets

The beating heart of Torrita di Siena municipality

Peaceful and quiet places to the inhabitants and secret shelter to the many visitors and international friends coming here to spend their holidays or have decided to live here for the rest of their life


Accommodations where you can live your dreamy stay in Torrita di Siena. Many possibilities to satisfy any kind of traveller: exclusive farmhouses in the Tuscan countryside, expression of modern hospitality, historical residences and apartments in the historic centre of Torrita di Siena and Montefollonico, classic-style hotels, models of timeless Tuscan hospitality.


Innovation, tradition and taste

Discover the artisans of taste and the enogastronomic excellence of the Torrita di Siena hamlet.
Get inspired by the fine artistic production of ceramics and by the local manufacturing artisans.



Getting Married in Torrita di Siena

The best location and services to organize a perfect wedding in the hamlet of Torrita di Siena.
Find out the exclusive locations in the village: the 18th century theatre Teatro degli oscuri, the Council chamber and its Parri gallery, the park of Il Tondo among nature. Get in contact with the local specialists: wedding planners, hair-dressers and photographers.